Sword fighting games – Pirates of the Caribbean style

Well intimate! Preparing for a sword-fighting, crazy platform game, action with pirates, skeletons, and all kinds of wacky incident! Pirates of the Caribbean: Cursed Cave Crusade is a high intensity, ceiling, fighting adventure game, you must make your way through the formidable pirate hideout underground Barbarossa – and saving loved Elizabeth Swan’s you! With an army of barbaric warriors and re-animated pirate skeleton, and a series of tricky mazes platform and ledge above, this task ‘search and recovery’ is one of the top demands courage and great skill!



Good keyboard control is the most important attribute in your arsenal gaming here. You must skillfully select the jump, attack, and retreat. There are dozens of obstacles, bad guys and obstacles in each level, so you have to be careful, and in the ‘when it comes to visual perception and quick response. The world needs a hero pirate new ceiling – and this is your audition!

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