Play Pick & Dig Game – Fun Arcade Action Puzzler

Pick & Training is a game of adventure and excitement, logic – based, sexcos players to pass 36 levels, where you have to be very careful guidance Pedro Pink dangerous mines and through a series of levels based on platform using tools such as pickaxes, shovels, ladders, and other mining equipment. As a large egg-shaped creatures, Pedro can not dance, so he needs to gain access to the ledge and exit doors by knocking down obstacles with a hoe, dig soil using a shovel, and climbing over ladders.



Skills / strategies needed: In the game to solve the problem this weird, combining analytical thinking skills with technical know-how creative as you work to find a solution that led Pedro Entrance Exit at each level. A good strategy is to be patient and take your time – Try logically and methodically break down what you need to do step by step to get Pedro where he needs to go. Trial and error (learning from your mistakes) is a very important factor in this fun game.

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Fruit Break

How accurate and fast as you cut across the flying fruit to score points? Fruit Break is an action game virtual cut fruit gently, where you have one minute to score as many points as you can by specializing cut through scores of watermelon, apple and lemon is released into the atmosphere on the game screen. Cut your heart’s content – but beware of sneaky bomb! Cut through the bad explosion reduce your score!



Can be played on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, notebooks and desktops, fun and fast-paced, objective and precise style arcade challenge requires good coordination hand – eye / mouse ninja – esque or control finger, sharp observation skills, and fast response. Are you ready for a minute of freedom for all, cut fruit mayhem? Let’s just hope you do not run out of water before the time is up!

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Armed with Wings

Armed With Wings is a platform game super stylish and challenging youth fencing, where you play the role of “Armed With Wings” on his epic quest to bring justice to one who destroyed his rebels. You have to go through different levels containing cold blood enemies and puzzles the mind – boggling – be solved by you trust your bladder. in the dark, action adventure game online slippery This requires skills in high-speed sword of a Samurai, the foresight of a genius and a thirst for fun and intense excitement. Brave warrior Good luck!



You will be traveling the scenic journey is fascinating, is equipped with a number of sword and an eagle in search of the King (Vandheer Lorde). He is number one. “Your mission is to overthrow him and take his throne. Along the way, you have to solve the puzzle tired and give the bad guys (quickly and without remorse) . game action – smart packaging is a challenge both physically and mentally, so be prepared! there are two modes to choose from: (Story mode – where you score points by defeated countless enemies) and (Survival mode where you pass the level by defeating enemies and solving puzzles). Both require the strength of a hero and the spirit of an eagle.

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